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Advance Review Copies will be on NetGalley until the end of July 2020. You're welcome to review it. The first reviews are already in: well written, informative and entertaining... characterisations were superb... interweaving of women's reproductive rights was glorious... characters come alive...  female characters were strong, driven and powerful...

"This book is well written, informative and entertaining, with a touch of magical realism courtesy of some enlightening dream sequences. Beautiful photographs throughout the book, along with helpful maps, glossaries, and character lists, make this an enjoyable and informative read. Highly recommend for anyone who enjoys Gabriel Garcia Márquez, Isabel Allende, or historical family sagas."
Jenni L., Reviewer - United States

"The way the author makes the characters come alive and make you feel as if you were a part of their lives was brilliant."
Andrea B., Reviewer - United Kingdom

"The characterisations in this story were superb and I could truly empathise with some of the female characters. They were strong, driven and powerful. They put up with a lot and were the back bones of their families."
Clara C., Educator - Ireland

"The highlight of Liberty Farm for me was the female characters. Helena is a damn rock, and she's a saint for putting up with what she put up with. The interweaving of women's reproductive rights in the book was glorious and I wanted more of that story angle."
 Abby N., Reviewer - United States

"As usual,  Izai does a great job with the characters in this book!  I was rooting for a few and despising a few of them."
James L., Reviewer - United States

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